July - 2007

Close out Morning Glories Blooming

June - 2007

Lemon tree enjoying the great outdoors!
First coneflower. Clematis in background.
Basket flowers, Gaillarada
Two different kinds of Gaillarada
Clearance Morning Glories.
Corner of back garden, again.
First baloon flower!
Mother's Day 2006 flowers
Pretty Iris.
Fiesta Forsythia bush.
New Forsythia bush with Hostas.

May - 2007

Mother's Day '06 Flowers Starting to Bud!
Garden Bed Under Apple Tree
Section of Beds Near Side of House
First Rose!
A Corner of Back Garden
One Peony with Flower Buds
First Rose Bud
Weigela Bush Is Flowering
White tulips, another gift from the squirels
Monsella tulips
Colembine flowers
Stange flowers
A corner of the back garden
Apple tree in bloom!
Monsella Tulips Survive!
The "mystery" tulips in bloom
Apple blossoms
More "mystery" tulips
It really might be my Clematis!!