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Lost Monday... Was in second place on the MVP (by 5 points), but had a bad feeling as I went up to play set two and lost to a guy rated 73. Well, that should drop me to somewhere in the middle of the pack, even though I'm 5-and-1. I'll have to win a lot and hope the guys ahead of me lose. We'll see. big Fall regional tournament this weekend.


Shank Shot won last night. I played the 2-2 tie against Perry Linn, 68. I was playing OK and won rack 5 to get to hill-hill. Poor Perry, put the eight in out of turn in the middle of the rack... A "W" is a "W."

That makes me: 5-0 Monday, 2-3 Tuesday, and 3-1 Thursday; 10-4 overall.


4Girls/8Balls once again beat the Big Hitters. We got to 2-and-2 going into my set, set five and I finally broke my losing streak and won 164-48 against Matt S. a 63. He was not too happy with his game and it showed in the later racks.

BTW, Big Hitters is the team we beat at the end of last season for the tiny trophy!


After the first four weeks of the winter season, I was 4-0 on Monday's. That did indeed put me on top of the MVP list for our division. I won again tonight as a 61, against my friend, Dave Houle. Dave, rated 52, had a shaky game, and I beat him 170-24.

Now the scoring for the MVP works like this... The points you score in the set, plus the standard 100 bonus for winning, and another 200 MVP points. The trick is, for every loss 200 MVP points are deducted. After tonight's match I have 1808 MVP points. The bummer is the guy in second place, with 1427 points after week four, Scott Bergman (86), won his set. He scored 186 points, add the 200 bonus and that gives him 1813 MVP points... That pushes me down to second place. The bigger problem is that as Scott is rated 86 and I am only a 61 he's got to lose for me to make any progress. Oh and don't forget about the other guys hot on our heels! Well, gotta keep winning.


Shank Shot Girls ROCK!

We were down 0-2 in sudden-death play of the first round of the Fall 2002 Regional Tournament on Saturday when the girls saved the day. I played set 3 as a 57, versus a guy rated 60 and smoked him 70-29. Liz, 55, played set 5 and smoked her guy, rated 59, 56-22. Combined our two opponents did score enough point to meet either of their ratings. And Nicole, 45, played a long set four, winning in a tough battle against a guy rated 58. She really kept her cool and come through under pressure! We play again in the Sweet Sixteen in two weeks. (4Girls/8Balls got a bye straight into the Sweet Sixteen. It will be a busy weekend for the two teams.)


Well, hopefully its not the start of a new steak... My rating has finally gone up... 59. I lost in a tight match tonight. I should have won, but in the 5th rack, needing only 10 balls with my opponent needing two full racks to get on the hill, I started playing very tentatively. Just ten balls before she won two racks! Once we were hill-hill it was too late. We ended up losing all five sets. Well, there's always Mondays...

Actually, we've got the start of the Fall02 Regional Tournament on Saturday for Shank Shot. (4Girls/8Balls got a bye through the first round into the "Sweet-16" in March). As both teams finished last season in the Consolation bracket, there are no points toward state to be gained, but we'll get more prize money if we do well. I figured once that you need to win back $450+ as a team to break even! I think that means we need to get at least to the final-four. Hummm...


Yet another Tuesday loss. Bummer. I thought, for a brief time, that I had actually won, by some miracle... Ends up there was a miss calculation and I was not, in fact, playing hill-hill in the last rack, which I won, but I was farther behind and needed to win before my opponent got six balls. Oh well, there's always next week. Or maybe I should sit out a Tuesday...


Despite two losses on Tuesdays, I am still 7-2 this season and after last night's fourth straight win for Monday's team I should be on top of the MVP list. I was second going into the fourth week and won-- the guy that was in first place LOST (poor guy). That should put me in first place. Now, it's still early in the season, only the fourth week with ten more to go. Our team plays against my friend Jim's team, Pistols & Jags, next week. Maybe I'll get to play Jim, after a few beers he should be pretty easy.


So much for the streak... Mark H. beat me, he's only a 53, but was playing well. While I on the other hand played like poop! To top it off, our team lost again to CMAL, 4-1. At least Kla won to keep it from being a complete sweep.


Well, I am on a streak... Won my match 165-45 versus a guy rated 75.

The real test will be tonight when 4Girls/8Balls play our long time rivals, the Traitors, I mean, "Cry Me a Liver." Look for updates on the message board and on the pool page.


Three and O for the week, not bad.


Not gonna be a 57 for long... won my sets on both Monday and Tuesday.


Played in the weekly Cardinal Tavern pool tournament and finished in second place! I won $32.


Oh, yeah... Shank Shot Redemption brought home another tiny trophy!!! Check us out.

With two of my three teams now going on to regionals and a good portion of one of my team qualified to go with other teams, its going to be a very busy Valentine's weekend.

Checkout the Minnesota Billiards web site. They've got an M8 section, too.


YEAH!!! 4 Girls/8Balls WON the Consolation Championship!
Get the details
here. Now we just need Shank Shot Redemption to do the same thing on Thursday!

Get up-to-the-minute details on Thursday's match on the


Well, Monday's team lost the division championship. I was absolutely no help in the attempt. I lost 23 to 70. Poor. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come for the rest of the (pool) week.


Well, at least something's going right. Thursday's team made it three for three and also won our first round of playoffs! I didn't even need to play, we went out in the first three sets. On to the championship matches next week.


Tuesday team finished in 8th place (out of 12). But we won the first round of consolation playoffs. We won three out of four (no need to finish the fifth match. I wasn't much help in the win, though, I was the one loss.)


Monday night team finished the regular season in fourth place and won the first round of playoffs 4-1! We play for the division trophies next week.


Won my first rack of 2003! Although, it was not as much of a challenge as the last of '02. Hey, a "W" is a "W."


Won my last rack of pool in 2002!


Here are pictures of my Dad's first ever pool game.


Lost in pool to the slowest 93 ever!


Check out my latest match results!





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