Pool Haiku's...

A bunch of us were a little loopy one night after league and wrote some haiku's. What do you think? Submit yours to the message board.

I have shot bad pool
You have too my friend
You scratch, I must laugh
Everyone misses shots
I drank one shot of cubed drink
I sank my last shot

Why don't we win games
If I were to tell you why
You would laugh not cry
Nine ball off the rail
You like to watch the balls glide
My mom beat you

So my cue is crooked
My ball drops from time to time
The game, not the win
Must show table love
Pool is not a game of hate
The table loves you

I like my pool team
They are super neato keen
Best friends forever
Corner pocket calls
One off the seven that's all
Go get in pocket
A soft touch does it
The ball does not need the wall
Easy does it now
Green felt so lovely
If only I could kiss it
I'd have fuzzy lips

Make an eight ball break
Get a groovy patch for you
The world's your oyster
This is a haiku
Please pay attention to the
Eight ball, you are win

In the game of pool
Opponents you have just two
The table, the stick


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