Well we didn't make it to Regional Consolation Champs, but we did take...

Third Place
Fall 2002 Consolation Regional Tournament

We may have lost the first round of the day to "Dale's Rails" of Grumpy's (they finished first!), but we came back to beat "Far From Sober" (from someplace in the 'burbs)! Kla and Rushon got us to 2-1 before I lost it for us in the first match, but I came back and won to help us to finish 3rd place in the tournament. No trophies this time, but we'll take the $600!!!
(Check out the match scores. See how we got there here.)

Todd, Rushon, Liz, me, and Chris
(not pictured: Kla)

In the second match, Chris won her set, Todd (85) fought hard and won versus a 61. That made us 2-2 going into the fifth and it was down to me or Liz to bring it home!

I played and stuck versus Molly, a 43-- I hate playing 40-somethings! But today, this 43 didn't have a chance. The racks went like this: 14-0, 14-6, 8-0, 14-3, 14-5. I won 64-14. I got my first ever eight-ball-break in the third rack. That'll get me a special patch!

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