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It took some searching,but I found the pool haiku's my team mates and I wrote a year or so ago!


Finally... Check out my M8 pool teams' match results! Search for your favortie elleni.com player or team.


4 Girls / 8 Balls made a poor showing this weekend at the Annual M8 State Tournament (round one, consolation round one). Lost both of our first matches, knocking us out Sturday morning, before the tournament was half over. Poor Liz played in both matches,but didn't get the chance to complete her sets as the sudden-death rule stopped play. As she said, "there's always next year." I expect the team will be quite different next time round.


Played Jeanette Lee at the San Diego Classic. Check it out.


Trying to climb out of my Monday slump... won again tonight. Now 7-3 on Mondays. I've decided I only want to finish higher than my MVP list rival, the young Scott B.


Shank Shot Redemption beat Sally's AKA in a 5-0 sweep! 824-202. We were tied for third place, that should move us up, hopefully.


Updated the M-8 Rule Book with the Masters and Advanced addendums.


Got my 8-on-the-break patch today! Cool.
4Girls/8Balls lost tonight 2-3 to some team called the Henchmen. Todd and Shaffner both won.


Won finally on a Monday after my three lose streak! Beat the not-so-happy captain of "Dawgg Pound," Al (51), in a hill-hill set five. The reason Al, and his team mates were unhappy was because I led the charge to force their team to forfeit the first set of the night after their first player showed up 30 minutes after the designated start time. Their team is known for being late to matches. My feeling was that its an in-house division so at the very least a call to the bar saying you're running late and on your way is called for. I volunteered to tell the captain that we were going to take the 125-0 forfeit and that did not make the late comers happy. Ultimately my teammates gave in and agreed to play out all five sets. Unfortunately for Al, he got stuck playing me. We were 2-2 going into set five and I played all right, but I don't think Al's mood helped his game. I pulled it out and we won. We needed it, too... We were in 7th place (out of 12 teams), falling from 5th place after last week's loss. Look for the midseason update on my other two teams at the end of the week.


Didn't play on Tuesday or Thursday... both teams kicked butt! Last night Shank Shot won 4-1. Skitch made two eight-ball-breaks in the first two racks of set one, the guys of "No MistEights" had no chance after that.


Oh well, there's always next season to make a run for the MVP... Down to 5-3 on Monday's. It will be very tough to come back. The team lost as well 1-4, only Jill won. My fellow MVP list and teammate, Stephan, also lost, bummer. Didn't play on Tuesday, but the team won 3-2. Jesse, 42, clinched it for us in here hill-hill rack by beating a guy rated 88!


Last week was bad for my pool game. Not one win out of three sets. And to top it off, I didn't play too hot over the weekend. Well, it's a new week and new racks.


I've invented a new pool game: Race to The Eight.


4 Girls / 8 Balls lost to Tufkutz, a very interesting team out of Popey's bar. I, too, lost to the team captain, Noel.


Poop... Lost again on Monday to a geeky guy rated 60. That makes me 5-2. I was hanging on in third place on the MVP list, but that's gonna change after tonight. So, the leaders look like this after tonight:

Position before 3/3


Wins after 3/3
Loses after 3/3
Probable Post 3/3 Position


Scott B.




Brendan K.






6th, maybe


Darren M.




Stephan P.




Erin E.




It was a really long weekend of pool in the Fall 2002 Consolation Regional Tournament. Both 4Girls/8Balls and Shank Shot made it into the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament after an earlier round two weeks ago. Saturday both teams played at a place called The Star Bar. Of 14 possible players, between the two teams, there were only six that made it out, five for Shank Shot and only four for 4Girls/8Balls (we share three players). We caught a break when the tournament director, Joel, put the two teams on neighboring tables.

Shank Shot lost 1-4, me, Todd, Liz and Nicole all lost, with only Dylan winning (he rocked). So, on the Consolation side we finished 9th-16th in our region. Not bad, but 4Girls did better...

4Girls only had four players in attendance at the Star Bar, but still WON two matches back-to-back, three sets to one! Todd, Liz and I each won our sets for both matches. We were very lucky and did not have to deal with forfeiting the fifth sets since playoffs and tournaments are all "sudden death." That big winning day guaranteed us $400 and put us into the Final Four! Find out how we finished on the 4Girls/8Balls page...

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