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Hey, back online... at least for the weekend. Brought my work laptop home.

Speaking of computers... I am still working on getting a new computer. If you'd like to donate to the New Computer Fund, click the button to the right!


So much for the streak...


Well, I am on a streak... Won my match 165-45 versus a guy rated 75.

The real test will be tonight when 4Girls/8Balls play our long time rivals, the Traitors, I mean, "Cry Me a Liver." Look for updates on the message board and on the pool page.


It sucks not having a computer at home.
I didn't have a chance to mention, but I picked up Kitty Kitty's ashes from the vet on Friday. Might put a picture of the urn up later.


Well they say bad things come in threes and the third bad thing happened on Saturday. I woke up to my home computer buzzing and the screen jiggling. Its dead, I think. If anyone wants to donate to the new computer fund email me.


My pool game must be picking up! I went 3-0 for the week in league matches.


That b*tch that stole my purse actually used my AmEx card to buy $450 at Marshal's within 30 minutes of ripping me off! I found this out in today's mail when I opened my bill. Add that to the $1900 in checks she wrote and they had quite a spending spree. I'll get all the money back, but what a hassle.

On a lighter note, I won both of my first two sets in the new M8 pool season. Off to a good start.

Also in the mail today, a nice card from Kitty's vet and the staff at Cedar Pet Clinic. They also sent a little plaque of that poem, "The Rainbow Bridge." (weepy)


Installed a new webmail system. Check your elleni.com email here.
If you really want to use the old system, it is still online for now, go here.


I must be a good captain! Shank Shot Redemption did it too, Consolation Champions!


Well, there's one more tiny trophy in elleni.com land. Read about the Tuesday team's "big" win on the 4Girls/8Balls Team page.

Also, I got a nice card from the Emergency Clinic today. Missy and I really appreciate it.


I'm doing OK today. Thanks to everyone for the nice emails.

Just added a new "message board." View the board here:
Post your message via email.


Put my cat, Kitty Kitty, down on Saturday. She was 15 and a half.


Got my purse stolen today-- at work!
I fell for a really stupid scam when a "student" stopped by my office to ask for directions and while I was down the hall explaining them to her, her partner dashed in the office and grabbed my purse. Damn! Unfortunately for them, the only things of real use to them were $3 in cash and two packs of Carlton cigarettes.

On a better note, all three of my Pool Teams won the first round of playoffs! On to the the championships next week!


What's the weather in elleni.com land? Or your land for that matter. Find out here.


Merry Ethiopian Christmas!


Well, vacation's almost over, boo!
Both my parents are back on the east coast and I've got only three more days off.


Here's a look at our celebration.

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