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Looks like they finally caught the purse thieves!


Bored...? Look ME up in the Hyperflow dictionary!

Try another word:


Here's that picture of Kitty's urn. The photo doesn't quite fit the shape of the frame and is mostly covered up by the urn. I will probably change it to this one later.


Finally broke the Tuesday losing streak...


Won again on Monday... but that won't keep me atop the MVP...


Saw The Pretenders last night at the State theater. Chrissie Hynde can't really dance, but she still rocks. They didn't play my favorite song, "Stop Your Sobbing," but did a lot of old stuff and many new tunes.


Shank Shot Redemption made it through the first round of Fall Regional Tournamnet...read about it on the Pool page


Well made the call, but could not get through to my brother. I called anyway and dad left a message on Prize's answering machine. Zena is 13 tomorrow. Her English is still not that good and she gets frustrated when she can't express herself when I call. She did tell me she wants some candy for her birthday.


Tomorrow is my little sister's birthday. My brother and I are going to make a three-way phone call tonight to wish her Happy Birthday. (My dad just got a phone in Ethiopia about a month ago. Its nice to be able to call anytime.)


Got my new computer. Its a "snow" iMac. Its pretty much like my old won, but a little faster. Getting the home network all set up.


Its been awhile...

I've been doing OK. I've been slow with the updates without a computer at home, but my new iMac should be delivered today. Yeah! Pool's been going really well. I am 7-and-2 this season and should be on top of the MVP list after my fourth straight win on Monday.

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