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My brother's niece, Tamika Huston, was missing for more than a year. Her killer was in court today. Please look at this site for more information on Tamika and other missing women... www.tamikahuston.com

Man pleads guilty in Spartanburg woman's death
WIS - Columbia,SC,USA

(Spartanburg-AP) April 3, 2006 - A man has pleaded guilty in the death of a 24-year-old Spartanburg woman who was missing for more than a year. Christopher Hampton pleaded guilty Monday morning at the opening of his trial. Circuit Judge John Few imposed a sentence of life in prison. Tamika Huston was reported missing in June 2004. Police said Hampton led them to her body in August 2005.

Freddie and Maggie say, "What the heck? Why is the birdcam now the cat-chair-cam? "

It took some searching,but I found the pool haiku's my team mates and I wrote a year or so ago!


Check out my M8 pool teams' match results! Search for your favorite elleni.com player or team. Its still a work in progress, but let me know what you think.


Finally got the details of the San Diego Classic up. Check it out. Also check out the great photos taken by Viejas photographer, Paul Parks. Yup, that's me shooting with the pros!


Had a great time at the tournament! Won't get to update the site with the full details until later in the week, but for now, here's a photo of me and Jeanette Lee and Allison Fisher. Cool.


Look for photos from the San Diego Classic sometime after Sunday night. Wish me luck in the charity match!


Updated the M-8 Rule Book with the Masters and Advanced addendums.


How come no one tells me the Tetris Game was out of whack for 48+ hours?!?


A slightly new look for elleni.com! What do you think?


After a week of losing in league matches, I think I need a vacation-- no not from pool!

I'm in the process of planning a trip to CA for the 7th Annual WPBA San Diego Classic tournament. March 26th-30 at the Viejas Casino in Alpine. Audience tickets are pretty cheap and for another $50 (which goes to charity) you can play in the pre-tournament Pro Am with the pros. Cool, huh? I'd like to play with my favorite woman player, Vivian Villarreal. She talks a lot while she's playing.


Updated the Links page with some web sites of professional pool players!


I've invented a new pool game: Race to The Eight.


Longtime no update... I've been really busy with pool. Lost last Monday and dropped off the top of the MVP list, had a loooong weekend of Fall regional tournament matches. Read about the action on the Pool page!

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